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  1. I can help you get the writing you need done in an efficient, timely manner
  2. I take the guess work out of what you need as far as content and editing
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  4. I know what you need to thrive online, and I know what readers are looking for in print
  5. I have a handle on grammar, and a knack for creating content that sells.

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What clients are saying

It was an absolute pleasure working with Nicole Graham.  I was most impressed with her adaptability, flexibility and commitment to following us while we were on tour with the holy relics of Saint Anthony of Padua, brought from Padua, Italy.  Her descriptive style of writing beautifully captured the soulfulness, religiosity and spirituality of the first-class relics tour in Florida.   She projected and radiated confidence among our devotees which allowed them to open up about their experiences with the relics. Excellence in writing, professionalism and courtesy when interviewing, eloquent and crisp – we felt her passion in bringing the true essence of our tour to our messenger magazinereaders around the world.    Without a doubt, when we return to the State of Florida, Nicole Graham will be our choice to write for our international magazine which goes out to the English-speaking countries in all continents. -Tom Muscatello, Anthonian Association of the Friends of Saint Anthony, The Messenger Magazine