About Me

I’m just a writing nerd from Florida who will find any and every reason to do a little research and express myself with a pen.

I’ve been freelance writing for since 2012. I’ve worked with national publications, small businesses, large corporate entities, marketing agencies, and well-known nonprofits. I live for creating compelling, connecting content, because today, more than ever, people want to find a reason to connect with businesses.

I’m also a huge fan of social media and how it has created a new platform for businesses to reach their audience. I study it. I create content for it. I’m amazed at its power.

I’ve worked in social media as a social media manager and in editorial as a formal writer and editor.

I live on the sunny Gulf Coast of Florida with my husband, two sons, two cats and leopard gecko. I love yoga, beaching, biking, and anything related to authentic Mexican food. I’m also an Oxford Comma enthusiast and an avid reader. To my husband’s disdain, I collect books and nerdy book memorabilia like wands from Harry Potter.