TomIt was an absolute pleasure working with Nicole Slaughter-Graham.  I was most impressed with her adaptability, flexibility and commitment. Her descriptive style of writing beautifully captured the soulfulness, religiosity and spirituality of the first-class relics tour in Florida. She projected and radiated confidence, excellence in writing, professionalism and courtesy when interviewing. Eloquent and crisp – we felt her passion in bringing the true essence of our tour to our readers around the world. Without a doubt Nicole Slaughter-Graham is our choice to write for our international magazine. -Tom Muscatello, Manager at Anthonian Association, The Messenger Magazine

Screen Shot 2017 01 25 At 4.14.29 PMWith her positive attitude and “I can take on anything” mentality it was always reassuring I could hand off projects knowing they would be completed on time and with great quality. Nicole has an amazing passion for writing and social media management. She is always looking to learn something new and take it to the next level. Nicole became a fantastic SEO copywriter– faster than anyone I have every worked with and always asked the right questions to improve her work, improve processes, and workflow documentation. Overall Nicole is dedicated to her craft and would be a great fit for any position or anyone looking for a great professional freelance writer. -Brad Neuendank, Director of Digital Marketing at duPont REGISTRY Media 


Working with Nicole was an absolute pleasure. Her writing was impeccable, as were her editing skills. Nicole is an incredibly professional worker that would be an asset to anyone. -Ed Jones, Associate Editor at duPont REGISTRY Media



We hired Nicole to write a description of our property and the business model of a National historic bed-and-breakfast, spiritual healing retreat center. She put together an eloquent and well written description that explained the whole venture. Several people have tried but no one else has come close to what Nicole delivered for us! The time that she saved us was immeasurable. I would highly recommend her for any writing project or creative venture you may have. She is a talented, ethical writer and does the homework required to have an understanding of the subject matter. -Patrick Burns, General Manager at Crystal Bay Hotel

I hired Nicole to create posts for my job search blog. I considered many talented writers and chose her because of her clear writing ability and also because she seemed to best understand what I needed from a blog writer. I can say that choosing Nicole was among the better decisions I have made in a while. Her blog posts are well researched, thought-out, and articulated. She covers material that I would not have thought of addressing. Nicole is a real pleasure to work with because she meets deadlines and is very responsive to any questions or suggestions I send her way. – Steven Watson, Owner, JobSearch-TampaBay